• Pro 6 Earbuds
  • Pro 6 Earbuds

Pro 6 Earbuds


  • Lightweight and easily portable, take them with you anywhere! 
  • The smart touch sensors on the earbuds give you full control to play/pause, skip, activate voice assistant, or answer/hang up calls
  • Features a 12mm vibrating driver with stunning power and rich deep bass 
  • IPX56 waterproof rating, making it durable enough to endure sweat and water during basic activities 
  • Automatically connects after the first pairing, you just have to open the charging case and that's it!


  • Bluetooth Version 5.0 
  • Battery Capacity: 30mAh 
  • Battery Capacity (charging case): 250mAh 
  • Charging Time: approx. 1 hour 
  • Play Time: 3 hours 
  • Standby Time: 5 days
  • $24.99
  • $49.00